Rennovations: New bookshelves, CD bins and rearranging of space.

About two weeks back we brought in some new bookshelves, cd display bins and a counter. We cleared out some of the older fixtures, and tried to clean the space up a bit. We think the new look opens the space up a bit to be more comfortable and spacious and hopefully easier and more inviting for browsing. The dust is still settling a bit, as we have been slowly re-organizing to make the new set up work. We are still bursting at the seems, as we have too much we’d like to offer than our square footage will allow, but we are making do. Our apologies if things have been a little messy or hard to navigate for you if you’ve stopped in while we’ve been making these changes. But the dust has just about settled. Please come by and check out the new set up if you haven’t yet. We hope you’ll be just as excited as we are.

2016 Slingshot Organizers Just In

The 2016 edition of the ever popular Slingshot Organizers have just arrived at the Infoshop! We have both small and larges sizes in a plethora of colors. Small ones are $6 and the larger, spiral bound ones cost $10. Come in and pick yours up today.

New Music

We’ve been working hard to update our music selection, which has recently been bolstered by an influx of new titles and restocks, including brand new releases from Strike Anywhere, the Evens, David Rovics, Madeline, Chumbawamba,
and more…

Some of our most recent arrivals: A SILVER MT ZION- Horses in the sky, and This is our punk rock, FIFTH HOUR HERO-  Not revenge, just a vicious crush, THIS IS MY FIST-  A History of Rats, CAREER SUICIDE- 2004-2005, SEXY- Boma Ye, STRIKE ANYWHERE- Dead FM, I EXCUSE- Burn the empty to the ash, CHUMBAWUMBA- A sing song and a scrap CD, DAVID ROVICS- Haliburton Boardroom Massacre, THE EVENS-Get Evens, MISCHIEF BREW, and many more…

Plus a good bit of new vinyl, including… MADELINE- The Slow Bang (her NEW album, only out on LP at the moment), CLEVELAND BOUND DEATH SENTENCE- New 7″, ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT- Train I ride 7″, DRUNKEN BOAT- Turn it 7″, DILLINGER 4/ THE STRIKE- 7″, ANTISCHISM- Still Life LP, STRIKE ANYWHERE- Dead FM LP, DRUNKEN BOAT- LP

We have some great events coming up as well, so please check those out too. And stay tuned for news of our annual holiday sale…

Your friends at the Brian MacKenzie Infoshop

A little update – Week of October 2, 2015

…Microcosm Event Report, New Zines and a note about this Sunday…

The Microcosm Publishing ‘Thinkin, Stinkin’ and Rarely Drinkin’ Tour came through the Infoshop last night. Joe Biel showed a film titled the last train out of North America, Dave Roche read from his book about substitute teaching and shared stories of living with Crohn’s Disease. Cristy Road read from her new book Indestructible and Mary brought out the Tree of Knowledge Book distro. About 40-50 folks came and checked out the books and zines, enjoyed the readings and films and snacked on some delicious appetizers cooked up by the traveling vegan chef Joshua Ploeg. Thanks to everyone who came out!

The Infoshop also beefed up our personal and diy zine section last night – adding about 20 new titles to our selection – come check them out before they are all snatched up.

Also, a little note to let you know that this Sunday we are going to close early at 5pm in order to do some minor rennovations. We’re bringing in some new bins for the music section, and a counter to replace our big desk. We’re really excited about these improvements and hope you will like them too.

Know anyone who wants a really big desk? Let us know – if you can pick it up on Sunday at 5 – it’s yours.




Fall Update – September 2015


The following is a long over due update from the Brian MacKenzie Infoshop. We hope to start sending these out on a more regular basis in order to keep you updated as to what’s going on with us!

Irregular Hours
It was a hot, hot summer, but we’ve made it through. There have been occasions recently where we have had trouble sticking to our regular hours, and have been closed on various shifts. We extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that may have caused anyone. Because we are an all-volunteer space we run into complications with our volunteer schedule every now and then and just can’t find folks to fill certain shifts sometimes. As we go into the fall months, this shouldn’t be as much of a problem as people’s schedules come together and things settle down from the summer. We are trying hard to maintain regular and reliable hours and will continue to improve in that regard.

If you are interested in volunteering, we could always use extra help. Right now we are especially in need of volunteers to staff our 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. shifts on weekdays. If you are interested come by the space and ask for a volunteer form or send an email to volunteers[at]dcinfoshop[dot]org.

Three Year Anniversary Last May
The Brian MacKenzie Infoshop celebrated 3 years at 1426 9th Street on May 6th. This marked our 7th year of existence, including the time between Jan. 1999 and May 2013 when we are operating without a space, trying to get the project off the ground!

Things are currently going very well for the Infoshop. We’ve been growing over the past few months, holding a variety of events and adding a couple more on-going projects, including regular café nights, and a letter writing night focused on political prisoner support. We have also created an events working group to focus on bringing more amazing radical events to the space! We are run by in incredible collective of volunteers that is constantly growing. We are financially stable, but like any non-profit, anti-capitalist endeavor it is a struggle to stay afloat in the current economic system. We rely largely on sales to make ends meet, but need to start doing more fundraising to stay ahead.

Like so many renters under capitalism, our struggles with our landlord grow daily. Despite this, at this point we plan to live out our current 5-year lease, and right now it looks like we will remain at our current home for the last 2 years of the lease. However, this could change and ideally we would like to move to a bigger and better space as soon as possible.

We have 2 ambitious goals ahead of us:
renovations of our current space and searching for a new home.

Renovations of our current space
The first of our ambitious goals is a renovation and redesign of our current space aimed at maximizing space in our tiny store front, making the space more accessible and ascetically pleasing. Over the coming months you will notice some minor improvements to our shelves and general layout of the store. Since we don’t know how long we will be at 1426 the improvements will be small, but hopefully will help to create a better atmosphere in the space.

Searching for a new home
We will also be undergoing an even more ambitious project to find a new home for the Infoshop within the next two years. Our goal is to find a bigger space that is both able to replace the space that we use now within the Flemming Center, including our physical storefront, a room for meetings, a kitchen, and a space for events – as well as provide some room for us to grow and expand. We hope to find this new space so that we make the transition before or at the very end of these last 2 years of our current lease, so that the Infoshop can consistently remain open.

In order to meet these two goals, it is going to take a lot of work, and we will need a lot of support. Specifically, we need financial donations, and donations of skilled labor, particularly for our renovations, and for our move, when the time comes. We also could very much benefit from the help of skilled fundraisers.

Introducing the Friends of the BMI Program
After years of discussion on this, we are finally setting up a sustainers program. Up until now, aside from a few very small benefit events before the space opened, our entire budget has come from the sale of books and other items. However, we’ve found ourselves in a financial crunch lately and we need help! Due to rising costs – including rent and insurance – the books and music are simply not generating enough income for us to do more than barely make ends meet. This is where you come in. We are asking supporters to contribute a monthly donation, paid monthly or all at once of:

$5 a month, $60 a year
$10 a month, $120 a year
$20 a month, $240 a year
Or more please contact us!!!

Contributors to our sustainers program will receive a 10% discount on (almost) everything we sell and a free Infoshop T-shirt. These donations will play a huge part in helping us to be able to grow and better serve the DC community. Right now we rely solely on sales to stay afloat, and although we are financially stable we make just enough to get by, which doesn’t provide much room for planning for the future, or even provide any security blanket in the worst case scenario. If you can afford it, please contribute!

If you would like to contribute to this send us an email right away!!! dcinfoshop[at]mutualaid[dot]org

We Need Your Input
We are currently developing a Survey for the community that the Infoshop serves. The point of this survey is to get your feedback. What do you like and use most of all the Infoshop offers? What do you think we could do to improve the space? What materials are we lacking, that would be particularly useful for you? How can a space like the Infoshop better support the work you are doing for social justice in the DC community

As we renovate the space we can take these ideas into consideration to improve on the Infoshop as best we can, and it will also help us in expanding our book and music selection to better accommodate what you are looking for. And most importantly as we make plans for a new space we will incorporate these ideas to reflect the needs of DC’s radical activist community.

We will start circulating this survey soon and look forward to your feedback!

The Moving Plan
Over the coming months we will be drafting a proposal and plan for a new home for the Infoshop. Part of this plan will include a fundraising strategy. If you have ideas to contribute to either, please drop us a line.

We will have some great events coming up this fall, including two possible film showings and a zine tour stop from Microcosm publishing. As always we welcome new volunteers and if you have ideas for events or need space for a meeting we would be happy to sponsor you. Just get in touch!

Other Updates – Video Rental Library
We have finally set up our video rental system and it’s quite simple. We now have a lending library of political documentary and feature films available for free check out. Our selection is currently small, but we have some good titles and hope to expand the selection over time. We welcome donations to the video library as well and encourage everyone to come check it out – and give us some feed back on how we could improve it or just to take home a movie to enjoy. If you have movies to donate, email us at dcinfoshop[at]mutualaid[dot]org

That’s it for now…

You will be hearing from us again soon. Until then we hope to see you in the space! Thanks for your support.

For liberation,

The Brian MacKenzie Infoshop Coordinating Collective