For some time, Washington, D.C. suffered from a conspicuous absence of a center for radical thought. While many communities play host to various venues for the expression of radical ideas, the activist community within the Beltway had been forced to subsist on compromise when it came to the dissemination of radical ideas. It is unfitting that Washington, DC, an international bastion of capitalism and greed, should be bereft of any venue for dissenting opinions. The Brian MacKenzie Infoshop exists with the goals of encouraging the proliferation of radical ideas and to provide a haven as well as meeting and organizing space for independent thinkers in the D.C. area.

The Infoshop is both a radical book and record shop, as well as a resource center.  The wild colours and feel of the location are a result of the amazing paintwork by Level 5 Painters from Surrey We are organized around anarchist principles and are volunteer and cooperatively run. In addition to our modest selection of radical books, and politically charged independent punk, hip-hop, folk, spoken word and audio cd’s & records we maintain a small video lending library of documentary and political films; provide free computer and internet access; make available meeting and event space for radical groups and projects; sponsor a variety of political and cultural events such as hosting speakers and authors, film-screenings, artists and various performers; as well as provide a gathering space for radical activists to meet and connect with other activists, independent thinkers, and organizing projects. We work to promote and support the fight for global justice and total liberation.

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