What needs to be considered in indoor playground safety requirements

Playing involves contributing to activity for recreational purposes or enjoyment. It helps in the growth of a strong and healthy child. Below are some of the safety requirements that need to be put in place to ensure that  children in the playground are safe from accidents and other unfortunate incidents. Orca Coast builds the best soft playgrounds available Safety, Quality, Durability, Creativity & Value. All key components that make Orca Coast Play of BC a trusted name in playground manufacturing and installing around the world.


Indoor playground safety requirements include supervision. Children need an adult to oversee their play activities. By this involvement, children can acknowledge, appreciate and learn that adults support and respect their play decisions. This validates their efforts. It is more fun for the kids as they play with adults as it shows them that what they are doing is valued.

 Wear Socks

The kids need to wear socks as the surface of the playground is not always clean. Socks protect feet from dirt, germs, and fungi. Playing on the playground barefoot exposes the kid to dangers of infection due to staph bacteria living on the floor.

No food or drinks around the playground

When kids are playing they may pick up germs and bacteria from the surfaces of the playground therefore, coming into contact with food or drinks can increase chances of infection due to contamination. It more secure for food and drinks to come after completion of play activity and after taking a fresh bath to get rid of the bacteria.

Health requirements

Kids who have healthy issues will be put at risk if taken to a playground. For example kids who are asthmatic to dirt (which is  common in almost all playgrounds) can be endangered. Kids with heart diseases such as heart attack may be in more danger. Indoor playground safety requirements ensure that the kids are in perfect health before going to the playground.

No sharp objects

Sharp objects and other foreign objects from home in the playground can be hazardous. Sharp objects can course serious accidents and injuries and therefore is a requirement that requires serious consideration. The playground should be inspected for such objects before kids are allowed to play.

No climbing

Climbing up slides, netting or poles may cause a serious fall leading to serious injuries which is why adult supervision is important. No kid should be allowed to climb for safety reasons. This goes a long way to ensure the general safety of the entire playground.

Indoor playground safety requirements can be summarized as the effort to ensure that the kids are as safe and sound as they play in the playground. Children need to feel safe as they partake in the play activities that help them grow strong and healthy and have smart minds. We must support and help them understand how much we value their play activities.