Benefits of Storing Cheese Using Cheese Paper

The best way for storing cheese has been a nudging question for cheese lovers around the world. However, cheese paper has proven to offer the best solution for the above problem. This article will try to highlight the benefits of storing cheese using cheese paper.

Benefits of cheese paper

Ideally it is recommended that you should only buy cheese which you can consume within few days; however most of us have found it hard to resist the urge to beautifully arrange their cheese in the cheese aisle, thereby buying cheese in bulk. Poor storage of cheese can lead to many problems among them being molds growing on cheese making it to loose taste and cheese drying out among others. It is for this and other reasons that this article endeavors to bring to light the benefits of storing cheese using cheese paper 

It regulates humidity

Freezer paper is used mostly by retailers to store cheese. The problem with it is that it not well designed to allow proper cheese aeration and humidity control which are both very significant in as far as shelf life of cheese is concerned. Cheese paper is formulated to do the job properly. It has got a wax coated paper which aides in oxygen exchange, it also designed with double layer which works together in regulating the humidity level in the cheese thereby suppressing mold growth.

Prevent cheese from drying

A poorly stored cheese is very easy to lose its water content thus drying out. When this happens, salt converges on its surface and crystallizes this makes it lose its taste. Cheese paper has a mechanism which enables moisture to be trapped between its double walls, making sure that the product stored in it does not suffer dehydration.

It is reusable

Buying a storage paper every now and again can prove to be an uphill task on someone’s budget. The good news is that you can use cheese paper more than ones although caution must be taken in that it can be reused for the same type of cheese. Again you need to order a new paper the moment you start seeing butterfat stains in the paper. A point to note is that reusing does not equal recycling which simply means the paper cannot be recycled.

They are biodegradable

The fact is, a good percentage of people are concerned about environmental destruction, and in fact government as well as various non- governmental organizations have taken various initiatives aiming at preventing environmental degradation. One of such initiatives is imposition of the ban on using plastic bags simply because they are non-biodegradable. These bags are made from cellulose fibers extracted from wood making them completely biodegradable and thereby environmentally friendly as they can be absorbed easily in the soil.

In conclusion, benefits of storing cheese using cheese paper are too many to fit I one article, may be it requires a whole book publication to outline all of the benefits. I can only recommend to any cheese lover who is looking for the best way to store his or her cheese to consider cheese paper for the job.

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