Strategies Of Conducting Contaminated Soil Clean Ups

Contaminated soil is not suitable for living or growing food. It needs to be cleaned up before being put into use. There are various ways through which land can get contaminated. These includes if the land was previously holding a chemical factory, soil that was affected by chemical or oil spills, or deliberate introduction of a pollutant. Cleaning tactics entails using certain methods to ensure that the contaminants are removed and the soil becomes suitable for living or carrying out agricultural activities. There are various tactics that can be applied in soil remediation. These article is meant to discuss some strategies that can be applied in cleaning contaminated soil as follows:

Before applying any methods in cleaning the soil it is important to carry out a thorough study to establish the history of the land determine what might have caused the contamination. You also need to undertake a survey of the land and establish the extent of the problem. This will assist you to establish the best method to be used. From the research you will easily know the type of contaminant affecting the soil and which tools and methods should be used.

Dig and Dump strategy

This entails digging the polluted soil and dumping it up somewhere else. This strategy may remove contamination from the site and take it somewhere else. It is not the effective one as it entails transferring a problem from one location to another. The strategy is not sustainable as it creates patches of polluted soils all over.

Use of Landfills

In this strategy, you take polluted or contaminated soil and bury it in a landfill Though this method removes the contaminated from the affected site and buries it elsewhere, it is not the best strategy as the buried contaminated soil may leak the chemicals to the adjusent environment and cause further pollution. The chemicals may also leak to the water underground and move to water bodies which may affect aquatic life. This method however is fast effective.

Bioremediation Methods

This entails use biological strategies of removing the contaminants. There are certain tree species that may be used including sunflower, poplar tree and other species. These trees may capture the contaminant and remove it from the soil using various methods.


If the pollution was caused by the spillage of oil, you may heat the soil at very high temperatures and remove the contaminants.

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