How are the hemp ropes made?

The fibers are obtained from sativa plants by cutting the trees from the base .The fibers first in their raw form are refined. They are then twisted by use of hands and depending on the work intended to be used, they are joined to a specific lengths. Some special chemicals are added to increase the strengths of the ropes. The top uses of the hemp ropes includes: fishing, shipping, climbing and horsemanship. 

Use in fishing

Because of its tensile strength, it is used in standing rigging boats while on water. This ensures that the boats are at a constant point whenever the fishermen are carrying out fishing. Also the nets used for fishing are made from the hemp ropes, the ropes are meshed carefully with small holes. 

Use in shipping 

This is the top use of the hemp ropes. In ships, there are heavy loading and offloading of containers. Hemp ropes are of great use since they are used to hold them in position from the ship. Also while docking; these ropes are linked from the ship to the stationary point where the rope is tightly tied. 

Use in horsemanship 

While riding a horse, one requires skills to control the horse’s direction, gait and also speed  while on motion. The rope is tied across the facial part of the horse, while the rider holds it while on the back. The rope does not easily hurt the horse because of its density, and also its roughness. The rider therefore does not experience any difficulty in controlling the horse, consequently have smooth motion of the horse.

Use in climbing 

The ropes are used in reaching highest points since they are tough and strong. For example, on top of a roof, one can use the rope without any fear of the rope cutting off. Also, one can use the ropes to come down from top place using the rope. 

Conclusively, since the rope is strong, tough and has high density, it has many uses in real life activities. It is also resistant to harsh environmental conditions, therefore it is more durable.  Nowadays purchasing a hemp rope has been made much easier by the online stores, with just a click of a button; you can have it delivered to your doorsteps and handmade rope by Ravenox.