Cookie Gift Box Ideas and Delivery Modes

There are more than a hundred ways of presenting gift boxes for instance wrapping them with special manilla paper printing some words on the box, all this depending on the individual and to whom it is to be presented. Delivery modes are almost common in all continents. There are individuals particularly employed to do these deliveries using cars, motorcycles or even bicycles. 

Gift boxes are of different shapes and sizes however, it is good to note that they can be hand made. There are different gift box styles such as folding boxes, ribbon gift boxes, magnetic boxes, packaging boxes, top and bottom style, the paper bag style and many more. Below also are images of different kinds of gift boxes most preferred for packaging cookies.

The delivery modes will depend on individual’s financial capability. Some are way much expensive while others are cheap. Delivery modes are for instance; by using decorating kits, cookie baskets, cookie favors, cookie bout rays and many more. Delivery modes will also depend on to whom ‘you’ are sending to or who is going to receive the cookies. Also, note that delivery modes are in accordance to client’s order that is if it is coming from a restaurant or any other eatery.

As it was mentioned earlier, gift boxes are just a way of packaging cookies or even other foods. Packaging for businesses is important due to the following reasons; its vital for health and safety where bacteria is blocked from contaminating the food also allowing it not to perish too soon, its also important for branding.

There are several regulations set by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) under section 4 of the fair packaging and labeling act. The FTC requires each consumer commodities to bear a label on which there is;

                          *a statement identifying the commodity

                          *the name and place of business of the manufacturer

                          *the net quantity of contents in terms of weigh, measurements or numerical 


Currently, the world is fighting the covid 19 pandemic. It’s in all parts of the world including USA. One of the ways to prevent its spread is by avoiding physical human contact which mostly happens in congested areas. This has changed the normal day routine of going to cookie shops to ordering via telephone call or e-mailing. Packaging of cookies in gift boxes for delivery is not only a way of saving time but also eradicating covid 19.

Cookie gift box delivery in the US is growing to heights of modernization and normalizing the current situation of the covid 19 pandemic 

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